In the heart of Pisa, a few meters from the historical Piazza dei Cavalieri, is situated La Sosta dei Cavalieri, a cozy Restaurant that allows its guests to get an excellent food and wine experience that is lived in a warm and elegant atmosphere.


gamberi con sformatino

The offer of the Restaurant la Sosta dei Cavalieri differs from the other restaurants for the variety of its dishes, always made with Fresh Ingredients to guarantee a 360 degree goodness of the dish.


Menus are periodically updated, and that is why in the restaurant’s menu you will find different dishes for each year period. Each menu is thought to maximize the concepts of authenticity and the alternation of ingredients during the year. That is to say, a culinary calendar that keeps pace with the seasonal cycles that are respected and at the same time enhanced.


In the Kitchen of La Sosta dei Cavalieri are prepared both important dishes of dishes of Tuscan tradition and new dishes, innovative combinations for a never common and always full of surprises menu, because the real value of good cooking lies in the pleasure of discovery.



To the Restaurant's guests is also proposed a wide selection of wines, in ancient at view wine cellar situated in the restaurant.


A whole wall with the best references from the traditional red wines of Tuscany and Piedmont, such as Chianti and Barolo, with a great attention for the best wine labels from all over the country.


The Wine list of La Sosta dei Cavalieri is enriched also thanks to the special care that has been given to the selection of French wines, with a large interest for fine areas such as Champagne, Burgundy, Cote du Rhone.


Thanks to this wide choice the room staff, a friendly and experienced staff is happy to help guests in the choice of the right wine to drink with the ordered dishes, suggesting with the same friendly ease both the bottle and the large selection of wines by glass.

Cantina con selezione di vini pregiati del ristorante



stracotto di mucco pisano

During the year the Restaurant La Sosta dei Cavalieri organizes several tasting events aimed at allowing its guests to spend a special evening.


The proposed food and wine route not only aims at entertaining Guests in a very pleasant way: but during these evenings there is always a desire to know, to deepen, with the gentle ambition to educate the customer. There are very substantial dishes offered together with great wines to be tasted throughout the course of the evening.




A restaurant unique from every point of view in the catering field of Pisa.


The numerous points of strength of this new restaurant are enhanced by: a perfect but at the same time informal service aimed at putting at their ease both the regular and casual customers. The staff is an important, experienced and fond of catering staff.


La Sosta dei Cavalieri: The Dining. The Taste. The Stop. In the historical heart of Pisa. We are waiting for you.

Carta dei vini - Selezione di vino pregiato ristorante Pisa

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