An experienced and very close team is one of the many added values of La Sosta. Catering, now more than ever, gives its maximum only if to interpret it is a group of people that are enthusiast, expert and aware of the results to be achieved, as well as the type of food to be offered to the public that has every time to face small and large challenges, proposing developments and educating guests to a fusion between traditional and always new tastes.

At the helm of the kitchen there is the Chef Giovanni Mori, a character that has been known for decades to Pisa catering and a great connoisseur of our local culinary tradition.

Do you remember the Osteria of the Violin? It was conceived and run by Giovanni Mori and Ettore Masi, after that experience they had different experiences until 1991, when they get together and founded the Osteria dei Cavalieri.

In the running and management of La Sosta dei Cavalieri our chef is helped by: Franco SaglioccoFranco Sagliocco, a professional sommelier and tireless storyteller, a careful and profound connoisseur of wines and cuisine, always passionate and dedicated to the explanation and the story for the pleasure and the culture of the people sitting at the tables of his restaurants. It was Giovanni who recruited him to sell his Tavern’s shares to him and to Liano Pratesi, one of the historical chefs of the Tavern, who was with Giovanni also in his previous catering adventures. So from 2006 L’Osteria dei Cavalieri has become a company made of three people: Franco, Liano and Ettore Masi, another historical figure of Pisa’s catering and founder, as already said, of the renowned Pisan restaurant well known for the quality and continuity of its proposals for nearly twenty years it is a certainty for customers who over the years have never been disappointed.

Four years after the ‘idea of a new restaurant in the same street of the Tavern, a place with just twenty-five seats, where the intention, is to propose the historical dishes of Tuscan tradition, but concentrating mainly on the proposal ofthe highest quality fish, and never bred an possibly from our seas, enriching it with tasting dinners, ranging from small local producer to the great wine producer, with a single purpose, to educate customers to a quality of excellence in all its forms. It at this point that Mori decides to get back on the game, of the four shareholders, Ettore and Liano are the runners of The Osteria, and Givanni and Franco have the task to launch the Sosta.

The Sosta is not only history: together with the experience and skill of its shareholders, a group of young people, carefully selected, with a great ambition and passion, are a very important part of the restaurant staff. In the kitchen also collaborates Allan Reyes. In the hall with Franco, you will appreciate the kindness and competence of Enrico Olmeo, a boy of Sardinian origin who many years ago moved to Pisa to study engineering, he has always worked in middle-high level restaurants gaining a good knowledge and culture in the world of wine and cheeses. The hall is enriched with the sweetness and smile of Deborah Pescini.

From all of us our best welcome to La Sosta: to the guests who already know us and to those who will come and see us, we will promise our total commitment and our devotion to be able to allow them an experience they will remember for ever.

To offer optimal fresh ingredients is an essential starting point. For our idea of catering, that we pursue with the utmost commitment, the other basic requirements are the respect of the product prepared, especially the willingness to offer it only when it is at its best, or in its actual season.

As concerns our choice of fish, rich and always evolving, we offer our guests only the fish from our sea, which is chosen every month by our “chef-fisherman” Mirko Ghelardi on the stalls of fishermen or is taken from its confidence fish-shop in Marina di Pisa, or fished by himself.

The intention is to bring in the historical center of Pisa, a seafood cuisine that respects the absolute excellence of the fresh ingredients offered.

As concerns meat we rely much on the support of local producers, with the intention to propose and promote the local realities, that we consider the best way to invest in and keep alive our culinary traditions. At La Sosta is not difficult to find dishes with mushrooms or truffles from the famous Garfagnana coming mainly from the nearby San Miniato.

As concerns salami and cheeses it is made a very careful selection to try to bring on the table both “classic” and “small realities” of our region and beyond, because we want always to offer our guests products of high quality. Our research and our philosophy consider the short chain and free mileage, the best conditions for a sorting of vegetables and fruit selected according to the natural cycle of ripening.


In the heart of Pisa, a few meters from the historical Piazza dei Cavalieri, is situated La Sosta dei Cavalieri, a cozyRestaurant that allows its guests to get an excellent food and wine experience that is lived in a warm and elegant atmosphere.

The offer of the Restaurant la Sosta dei Cavalieri differs from the other restaurants for the variety of its dishes, always made with Fresh Ingredients to guarantee a 360 degree goodness of the dish.

Menus are periodically updated, and that is why in the restaurant’s menu you will find different dishes for each year period. Each menu is thought to maximize the concepts of authenticity and the alternation of ingredients during the year. That is to say, a culinary calendar that keeps pace with the seasonal cycles that are respected and at the same time enhanced.

In the Kitchen of La Sosta dei Cavalieri are prepared both important dishes of dishes of Tuscan tradition and new dishes, innovative combinations for a never common and always full of surprises menu, because the real value of good cooking lies in the pleasure of discovery.

To the Restaurant’s guests is also proposed a wide selection of wines, in ancient at view wine cellarsituated in the restaurant.

A whole wall with the best references from the traditionalred wines of Tuscany and Piedmont, such as Chianti and Barolo, with a great attention for the best wine labels from all over the country.

The Wine list of La Sosta dei Cavalieri is enriched also thanks to the special care that has been given to the selection of French wines, with a large interest for fine areas such as Champagne, Burgundy, Cote du Rhone.

Thanks to this wide choice the room staff, a friendly and experienced staff is happy to help guests in the choice of the right wine to drink with the ordered dishes, suggesting with the same friendly ease both the bottle and the large selection of wines by glass.

During the year the Restaurant La Sosta dei Cavalieriorganizes several tasting events aimed at allowing its guests to spend a special evening.

The proposed food and wine route not only aims at entertainingGuests in a very pleasant way: but during these evenings there is always a desire to know, to deepen, with the gentle ambition to educate the customer. There are very substantial dishesoffered together with great wines to be tasted throughout the course of the evening.

A restaurant unique from every point of view in the catering field of Pisa. The numerous points of strength of this new restaurant are enhanced by: a perfect but at the same time informal service aimed at putting at their ease both the regular and casual customers. The staff is an important, experienced and fond of catering staff.

La Sosta dei Cavalieri: The Dining. The Taste. The Stop. In the historical heart of Pisa. We are waiting for you.